SaLUDO! -A Restaurant Review!

Looking for a perfect place to bond with your friends is very easy because of the technology that this generation engaged into. But this place is not one of the mainstream resto that you can see in other apps and this review will show you why.

Come and join me as I bring you to a bar and bistro restaurant in Belair, Makati.


Not an ordinary bar full of alcoholic drinks. This bar is full of board games that will prevent you from being bored!

In Ludo, all you need to do is to order either one meal of pasta, rice meal or pizza so you can have an unlimited access to their hundred collection of board games. But if you’re full and just wanted some relax and fun time with friends, the other option is to buy their frappes, shakes and other beverages so you can play their games.

Since its just me and my sister who went there, we only ordered one pasta, one rice meal and two beverages for that is the capacity of our stomach. But if you are planning to go with your friends in a large number, it will be more convenient to but their Bar choice / Appetizers.


This is the Ebi Tempura with rice cost Php280 and it is good for two. Since I’m into tempura this dish was finished my me, alone 🙂 hehe. It tastse so good. The shrimp is so saft and you can taste that it is well coated in butter and a salty touch of bread crumbs. The sauce is a Japanese Soy that blends perfectly with the rice and the 5 pieces tempura in a black hot pot.


This is the Japanese Carbonara that cost Php 240 good for only 1 person. It was my sister who ordered this meal since she is into pasta so much. Other choices of pasta includes: Pesto Chicken Alfredo and Spaghetti Bolognaise. I got to taste this carbonara and it is very different becuase it has a sunny side up egg placed on top and plenty of mozzarella cheese. It is so good that even though it is not my plate, I almost finish the dish in one scoop. hehe 🙂


This one is a Japanese Tea. You can add Php 80 so you can have an unlimited supply of this drink all throughout your stay in Ludo. At first, it is hot because Japanese tea are hot and it just became cold when placed with ices and stayed for a while. It taste like a gulaman without sago if I’ll explain it in a Philippine way. But it has a twist of bitterness and sweet at the end right after every sip.

Of course, Ludo is known not just for the delicious food they offer and serve but also for the board games they have that is places in a large shelf at the right portion of their restaurant.


And here are the board games we were able to play:

My sister and I was only able to play 4 games, each for about 45 minutes. Even though it is few, during the game we didn’t realize that it is past 8pm already. We enjoyed the games so much even though it is just the two of us. What more if you wish to play with your best of friends.

The good thing in Ludo is that, you can play in an unlimited time for as long as you have a food on your table. My main tip is to slow your eating process so that you can stay even though you ordered a little.

If you wish to know why we enjoy the game that much, here is the mechanics of each game:

Da Vinci Code

Each player must figure out the opponents’ secret number code before their own is cracked. But how? You only see the blank backs of the opponents’ pieces and only know your own numbers. But in the course of the game you collect more and more information, until you can use logic and intuition to successfully call out the numbers in the opposing codes.


We chose this game because this is one of the best option for two people. Just to share this, we went to Ludo for a post-birthday celebration. Mine is on Feb 5 and my sister’s birthday is on Feb 11. That’s why one of the photo above shows, 2-11 and 2-5 🙂 Just sharing.

Phantoms vs. Phantoms

This is another game for two. It is like games of the general but with a twist and easier to play. In Phantoms Vs Phantoms, each player has four good ghosts and four evil ghosts – but only the player who owns a ghost can see whether it’s good or evil (as with the pieces in Stratego). These ghosts start the game in the back rows of a 6×6 game board with the corners removed. Each turn, a player moves one of his ghosts one square orthogonally. Moving into an opponent’s ghost kills that ghost. To win, you must get rid of your own evil ghosts, kill your opponent’s good ghosts, or move one of your good ghosts off the board from one of your opponent’s corner squares.


If you enjoy the game you can also but it as product. They sell their board games online and also you can buy it right after your meal. There are a lot of collectors who visit thier plpace because they have a lot of board games to choose from and some are limited edition. Also they have board games from other countries.

If you wish to visit, play, eat and buy here is there link that will help you understand more about what the business is all about:

I hope you have learned something new about this review. I recommend everyone to visit their place because it is a nice place to stay and to cope up with your old friends.





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