Laro – A Song Review (OPM)

Original Pilipino Music (OPM) have different variety. There are so many popular Filipino songs that is so beautiful, it is heart felt. I just would like to share one song that is underrated. I hope someday that this song would hit the top list.

It is entitled: Laro, a song by Autotelic. So the lyrics goes like this:

Puso natin ay patintero sa ulan
Pagsasama natin ay tagu-taguan
Langit ka, ako naman ay nasa lupa
Lulukso, baka sakali abutin

Buntong hininga
Di ba
Ang sarap makipaglaro
Laro tayo ng
Mataya taya, mataya taya
Pagkabilang ng tatlo, takbo tayo papalayo
Mataya taya, mataya taya
Isa dalawa tatlo
Iiwanan mo ako

Ngayong ako naman ang kontrabida
Sa tagpuang ito
Ikaw naman ang tatakbo

Dadayain(dadayain ko)
Kakayanin(kakayanin ko)

Buntong hininga
Di ba
Ang sarap makipaglaro.. sayo

(Read more: Autotelic – Laro Lyrics | MetroLyrics)

This song is suggested by one of my Senior High School classmate. At first, I thought that this is an ordinary song which plays pun on Filipino Street Games like “Patintero, Tagu-taguan, Langit-Lupa, Luksong baka, Mataya-taya” and connect it to love. But it isn’t. This is not ordinary, for me this is very unique.

I recommend everyone to listen to this song.

I don’t know if I’m just over reacting but I really like the song. Maybe what captures me the most are the lines ” Isa, dalawa, tatlo, iiwana mo ako” and also “Dadayain ko, Kakayanin ko”. Because I think the words have deeper meaning than what it actually mean. If you would try to understand it wholeheartedly it is heart breaking.

Or maybe I can relate to the song and that’s what triggered me to spread it through this blog.

Anyway, we have different taste in music. So let us just respect each others opinion. I may like this song but some may not. Nevertheless, this underrated song needs to be notice by most people.

This is a song not just about love but a song about our culture. It covers the games we Filipinos used to play when we are younger. It also shows our culture, that we, Filipinos are family-oriented. We will never leave our love ones through thick and thin. Like in the music video, the boy stayed beside the girl from childhood, to the point they have their kids, and grand children, until death do them apart.

If you listened to the song, Thank You.

If you liked it, You’re Welcome 🙂




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