An Honest AD REVIEW.

This post is not intended to bash Mcdonalds. This is an honest review of what I have experience in Mcdonalds lately.

They are famous for their fries. I honestly label Mcdonald’s fries as my favorite and the best tasting fries ever on earth. Just the smell that runs through my nose makes me want to eat more of it.

Recently, I went to Mcdo at a near branch from our school. And what makes me sad is that the salt in the fries was to much and it taste bad already 😦 I know that this is probably a mistake because some branch can offer good fries and this certain branch cannot. Though there are times that Mcdo fries is really salty and there are times that it doesn’t taste anything but most of the time, DAMN its too good to be true. Still, under this circumstances I still love Mcdo fries more than ever.


Just this 2017, the Mcdonalds in Philippines offered a Cotton Candy Float. And in the advertisement, it looks like this:

How perfect it is to see the pastel blue above and the pastel pink below. So cute that maybe if I ordered it,I wont even dare to drink eat because if what it looks.

But in reality, it looks like this:
16976731_120300002336536371_1285696359_n.jpgYeah, yeah. I know. It somehow look like the advertisement photo, but I expected better. Nevertheless, even though it doesn’t satisfy me through the way it looks… I honestly love the taste. It tasted like a cotton candy since it is a cotton candy float, right? makes sense.

The only thing I have observed in all of the branch of Mcdonalds is the ICE. More than half of the drinks they serve is ice. And when it melts, the taste become weird. I know they need to make the ice cream in the McFloat to float but damn, they don’t need that large amount of ice to make it float. Right?

Just to give you a tip:

You can order McFloat and say : Less Ice Please. The person in charge will then put lesser ice in your float than the usual.

I hope it helps!

The ketchup number is not just a number. It has its own meaning. You can google it 🙂

You’re welcome!


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