Book Review: Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan is the man behind the famous Percy Jackson novel series. After the Percy Jackson series hit, he continued the story through different angles of different people. He expanded the universe he created in the famous series. He expanded through books like Magnus Chase, Heroes of Olympus, and Trials of Apollo.

Indeed all of the books that he wrote are amazing and phenomenal. With his recently published work Trials of Apollo in 2016, fans of his work have high expectations to what will this novel will bring to the table.

Before dwelling on the review, the story of the book is all about the god Apollo being punished by Zeus for his actions and sent him down on earth without his godly powers and looks. He falls in New York where his adventure will begin.

The book was in first person perspective. meaning that the writer of the story or the one telling the story is Apollo himself. Since he is the god of music, poetry and archery, the story has a comedic vibe from the descriptions Apollo gives to describe each character, scene, emotion etc.

Another is that the book showed the characters distinct personalities. Even though the story is told by Apollo, he doesn’t disregard the attitude of every characters towards him.

Even though this book talk about the trials of the god of archery, it still gave space to say that this book and Percy Jackson is in one world. We still see Percy as a Character of the story just not the main one anymore.

It also showcased the mixture of comedy, drama,and action. you will truly feel how Apollo will change from that god who doesn’t care about what he does to this serious teenager going on a mission to save his name.

Overall, This book stands out from the other novels. The author, didn’t just write from the perspectives of demigods but also the gods perspective. Trials if Apollo: The Hidden Oracle gets a 5 out 5 stars. It is suggested to read this book The Hidden Oracle because the author will be releasing the second book which is The Dark Prophecy.


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