Series Review: The Fastest Man Alive

The Flash a series made by the CW production company. This series is about how an a ordinary Forensic Scientist becomes the hero of his own city, Central City.

The flash is known to be part of DC’s Justice League. Barry Allen he is just a ordinary forensic Scientist until he was stuck by lightning that the particle accelerator created. After being in coma for nine months Barry woke up to find that he was taken to Star labs their he met the creator of the particle accelerator Dr. Harrison Wells. As the team of Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, and Harisson Wells help Barry to recover from coma Barry discovers that the particle accelerator accident affected him, it gave him super speed or was allowed to be part of the speed force.

As Barry goes back to his regular work he finds out that he is not the only one affected by the particle accelerator explosion. At first he was unknown but beacause of his childhood friend/ sister/ crush he was named the red streak until he was called the Flash.

The series “The Flash” made by CW is my favorite series since I really like the story of each episode. I also like how they applied the graphics or CGI.

One thing more I like about it is how CW productions crossover series at every series. Just like the recent crossover, “When alien attacks earth”

But like any hero they have a counterpart. The villain was totally awesome but sometimes it gets me that the heroes defeats every villain easily bitten but not on the flash. The editors made sure that there is a lesson not just for the hero but for the viewers as well.

The airs every Tuesday at The CW network 🙂

Read More about the Flash:


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